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Here's what you need to know...
  • In the state of Delaware, all vehicles with valid tags must have a minimum amount of liability insurance at all times
  • The vehicle owner must keep a valid auto insurance ID card in their car at all times to verify they are insured
  • If you don’t carry continuous auto insurance in Delaware, you could be fined as much as $1500 for your first offense
  • Drivers should always look for licensed auto insurance carriers in Delaware who are financially stable and respected
  • Your rates will be influenced by your age, experience, occupation, driving record, claims history, and credit score

If you are currently living in Delaware or you’re planning to move there, you must be familiar with auto insurance laws before you register a vehicle in your name.

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Delawareans are required by law to purchase at least a minimal amount of auto insurance when they license a vehicle in the state. Before you focus on buying cheap auto insurance, here’s a consumer guide on car insurance requirements in The Diamond State:

Auto Insurance Laws in Delaware


Delaware may have been the first state to ratify the US Constitution, but it wasn’t the first state to make car insurance mandatory.

In 1957, after recognizing that the growing popularity of automobiles led to increased property damage and injuries, Massachusetts was the first state to make insurance a requirement. Years later, Delaware followed suit and set insurance requirements as well.

– Why is auto insurance required?

Without setting a requirement for auto insurance, Delawareans and visitors in the state would be at risk every time they left their home. There’s no way to guarantee that a driver has money to pay for the injuries that they cause while they’re driving.

Even if the state required you to pass a financial check to own a car, there’s no telling whether or not the owner would have access to their money when they needed to compensate someone.

Auto insurance became mandatory in Delaware to ensure that all drivers could pay for damages that they’re liable for, regardless of their economic status or their income. By purchasing insurance, everyone involved in an accident is protected. The victim will be compensated, and the vehicle owner will have financial protection.

– Auto Insurance Requirements in Delaware

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By law, all cars that have valid plates need to be insured. It’s the legal owner’s responsibility to purchase car insurance in the state and keep the coverage active at all times. The vehicle owner also must keep evidence of insurance in the vehicle at all times so that they can prove the car is covered.

You don’t have to buy an extremely comprehensive auto insurance plan to satisfy the laws of Delaware.

Delaware operates under an at-fault insurance system like most states. This means that the driver who is to blame for the accident is the person who is liable for compensation. As long as the driver is insured, their carrier will pay for the claim and legal defense if you are sued.

In at-fault states like Delaware, vehicle owners are expected to carry strictly third-party liability coverage. Third-party coverage consists of Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability. Any other coverage sold by a carrier is optional and can be added for an additional premium.

All drivers must have at least:

  • $15,000 per person in Bodily Injury coverage
  • $30,000 per accident in Bodily Injury coverage
  • $10,000 per accident in Property Damage coverage

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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Shopping Around for Cheap Insurance Rates in Delaware

Delaware ranks seventh on the list of states with the highest average auto insurance expenditures.

Based on the most recent data released, the average Delawarean pays around $1,125 per year for their coverage. While it’s great to get a good deal, it’s even better if you have the right coverage.

Not all licensed carriers doing business in Delaware are respected. Like any industry, there are good companies and not-so-good companies. You can research providers at sites like J.D. Power and A.M. Best.

Here’s what to look for:

– Put Financial Stability First

If you get a cheap insurance policy from a carrier that’s close to going out of business, it won’t do you much good.

You want to pay premiums to a carrier that will be able to pay you when you have a loss. This is why it’s crucial that you look into the company’s financial strength before you trust their very low rate quote.

You don’t have to pull a provider’s financial records on your own to assess their financial stability. Several consumer agencies will do provide ratings for you. If you need to find out how a carrier ranks compared to others, access A.M. Best ratings and you’ll see how the company stacks up.

– Compare Several Rate Quotes

If you have a list of financially secure companies, you can start to look at prices. As you’re comparing rates, always be sure to see if a rate is fair in DE by getting at least four quotes with the same coverage limits.

Also, make sure you review your policy every six months. Don’t allow your company to rest on its laurels.

Additional Coverage Options


If you buy the minimum required coverage, you don’t have to worry about paying $1500 penalty for being uninsured. Being in compliance is different from being adequately covered.

If you have nothing more than the state minimums, you are probably going to leave yourself vulnerable if you have an at-fault accident.

You should price the cost of buying higher limits of liability. You should also consider purchasing additional coverage options through your carrier so that your own bills will be covered. Here are some of the options you should get quotes for:

  • Comprehensive – Pays for damage to your vehicle after non-moving losses
  • Collision – Pays for repairs to your vehicle after a collision
  • Medical Payments – Pays for your immediate medical bills after a car-related accident
  • Uninsured Motorist – Pays for your medical bills and disability if you’re in an accident with an uninsured driver

What factors influence how much you pay?

A lot of thought goes into setting auto insurance rates. The carrier must look at the different factors that affect a person’s driving history and claims history. The factors that are used to set personal rates are the same in most states.

– Factors You Can’t Control

Some of the factors that will affect your rates are out of your control. Both your age and your gender are used to determine if you’re going to have a high likelihood of having a loss. Younger drivers tend to have higher accident rates than experienced drivers. Males often have higher accident rates as well.

– Factors You Can Control

All of the other factors that are used are somewhat in your control. They are based on how you’ve driven in the past, how much you drive, where you live, and what type of car you have. A list of these factors includes:

  • Driving record
  • Claims record
  • Credit score
  • Garaging address
  • Vehicle usage
  • Annual mileage

Discounts on Car Insurance

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You need to take advantage of discounts to get the best rates. Not everyone will qualify for discounts on their Delaware rates, but many will. Here are some of the most popular discounts that carriers will offer to you if you’re eligible:

  • Experienced driver
  • Good student
  • Good driver
  • Multi-car
  • Low mileage
  • Multi-policy
  • Driver training
  • Mature driver
  • Student away at school

The key to finding cheap car insurance in Delaware is to do your research. You need to look for a quality insurer with a good menu of offerings. Once you have compiled a list of companies, use an online rate comparison tool and you can find a good deal.

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