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Transportation Alternatives in Delaware

Here's what you need to know...
  • The state of Delaware is home to many alternative transportation solutions
  • Time, money, and health may be preserved if you select an appropriate and beneficial alternative commuting approach
  • You may be able to lower your auto insurance rates by choosing alternative forms of transportation as well

Living in Delaware can be a fun and relaxing experience thanks to all the many wonderful things to do in its various counties. Of course, living in the “First State” does come with costs.

Getting up each and every morning to go to work is something millions of people must do in order to take advantage of all the enjoyable things here. Driving to work and other destinations can be a bit of a mental, physical, and financial drain.

For those who are a bit tired of getting behind the wheel and taking to the highways, it may be best to look at transportation alternatives in Delaware. The number of alternatives that exists may prove surprising to those who assumed driving is the only way to get around.

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Why should people even consider alternative forms of transportation?

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Not everyone may be interested in alternative transportation methods. This is only because they just are not familiar with the following benefits:

– Health

Driving a car does burn calories, but not as much as walking or riding a bike. Employing a form of transportation that also serves as a means of exercising might be a great way to improve health and fitness provided, of course, the person’s doctor has no objections to the activity.

– Savings

Driving costs money. Gallons and gallons of gasoline pumped into the fuel tank of a car end up costing thousands of dollars per year. Less driving means fewer fuel purchases, and this means more money in your pocket.

Maintenance should not be overlooked either. Tires, belts, and other parts wear down with use. Driving less preserves these parts and cuts down on the need for excessive annual maintenance.

– Less Traffic = Less Stress

Driving can also be notoriously stressful, which is not beneficial to health. Escaping the traffic grind might be a reliable way to eliminate anxiety and other issues chipping away at overall well-being.

Stress does more than just wear someone down mentally. Physical problems can derive from being stressed out all the time. Less driving may be a decent means of cutting out all that unwanted extra stress.

– Positive Impact on Auto Insurance

Driving fewer miles per year has the potential to reduce insurance premiums.

Since driving distance per year plays a role in how auto insurance rates are set, reporting fewer miles per year to the insurance company may lead to a nice discount.

Driving a car less and less also cuts down on the chances the vehicle will be involved in an accident or other mishap. No accident means no liability claim. A driver who is not filing claims is going to pay less than someone who is.

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Types of Alternate Transportation in Delaware

Finding options for alternate transportation might not be too difficult. Finding the right alternative method that best appeals to you, however, could take a little trial and error. Among the alternative forms of transportation to look into are:

– Public Transportation


Public transportation in Delaware comes in the forms of buses, trains, and ferries. DART is Delaware’s public bus transit line.

Philadelphia’s SEPTA system also runs through certain parts of Delaware as well. Amtrak also travels through Delaware. Certain private bus entities such as ones catering to seniors and operated by universities exist as well.

DRPA (Delmarva Rail Passenger Association), DVARP (Delaware Valley Association of Rail Passengers), and SEPTA operate trains in the state. As for ferries, The Cape May-Lewes Ferry and The Woodland Ferry help with crossing bodies of water.

Obviously, all methods of public transportation come with their own costs and stressors.

Dealing with other passengers can be a bit of a nuisance at times. Still, as long as a route is carefully planned out and common sense attitudes towards personal safety are embraced, traveling on public transportation shouldn’t be a hassle.

– Bicycling

The Delaware Department of Transportation (DOT) details a number of popular bike routes in the region.

The Heritage Trail is a well-known route located in Sussex County. New Castle and Kent Counties both are home to popular and well-maintained bike trails, too. A unique online bike map could even be employed to plan out a custom route.

Biking can be a bit tough on the body sometimes. In Delaware, changes in climate during the year could make biking a bit tough.

Delaware may be very hot in the summer and frigid in the winter. When the weather is nice, bicycle riding absolutely aids in getting in shape and improving cardiovascular conditioning. Taking advantage of a number of exercise apps does help with getting the most out of your commute.

Anyone choosing to ride a bicycle to work must also be aware of pedestrians and cars. Wearing proper safety equipment is a must as well. Adhering to proper concepts of bicycle safety definitely would decrease dangers and risks on the bike path.

– Ridesharing in Delaware


Those looking for alternative means of transportation can join together and take part in ridesharing. Ridesharing comes in two major forms:

  • Carpool – Several people take turns using their cars to drive others in a group to work.
  • Vanpool – A much larger group takes advantage of a spacious van and further reduces congestion on the road.

Both options may prove to be very helpful to those who wish to switch up from driving and being a passenger.

The state of Delaware makes locating ridesharing services easy by publishing a brief directory. Smartphone ride-sharing apps are also available for download and they can be a nice help.

Ridesharing is not without its safety concerns. This is doubly true when paying for a commercial ridesharing service such as Uber or Lyft. Making sure the driver has a good rating from previous passengers before booking the driver is both a wise and basic step to take.

– Telecommuting

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Not to be overlooked is the very intriguing concept of telecommuting, the art of working at home.

Employers are finding there is great value in allowing employees the option of working part of the work week at their residences.

Businesses can operate in smaller offices. The environment and roads are impacted less. And, for the telecommuter, a lot of time and money can be saved.

Insurance Policy Considerations

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Once a decision is made to take part in alternate transportation to work or elsewhere, consider it wise to explore cost-cutting options with insurance providers.

Reviewing a policy once every six months to be sure the policy is still the most appropriate one for current driving habits and behaviors is advisable. Requesting comparison quotes from three of four different companies and reviewing them would not hurt either.

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